The Crescent Moon ShopSM is an e-commerce venture by Crescent MoonSM Exhibitions.

Crescent MoonSM Exhibitions was founded in 2007, and is predominantly a fashion fiesta for women who love to shop and are very high on aesthetics and are aware of fashion. This one-day exhibition showcases the work of mostly woman entrepreneurs, who have started businesses in their homes and have grown over a period of time through networking and acute business sense. Since these people constantly require exposure we provide them a platform to showcase their products and give them a great like-minded audience and prospective clients. As conveners we also look to provide our audience a great shopping bonanza with an exclusive experience. We have tried to ensemble from all parts of the country a great professional and diverse display of clothes, jewellery, fashion accessories, decorative, festive items & food.

The Crescent Moon ShopSM looks to now provide the same advantages as mentioned above on an online platform as well, enabling us to showcase products to an audience not just in Mumbai but across India & the World as well. Our collection of home grown designers offer high quality products that reflect our country’s best in fashion & lifestyle.

We now look to empower women entrepreneurs, as suppliers to this website, to be “Atma Nirbhar” by increasing the reach of their products & increasing their sales. We follow a 100% “Make in India” policy and all products sold on our website are 100% Made in India. We look to our customers to support our home grown suppliers & in effect contribute to rebuilding of our nation’s economy.

Our team consists of Seema Jain, the founder of Crescent Moon, and with her experience and expertise in fashion, she is the primary cog of The Crescent Moon ShopSM as well. After heading a women’s welfare organization in South Mumbai, she decided to channel her passion about curating events and social work into a constructive expression. With the support of her family & friends, Seema has successfully over the years made Crescent Moon a leading fashion & a lifestyle brand in Mumbai.

Kanika Jain, after working with American Express for 5 years decided to use her professional experience into curating events & exhibitions. Instrumental in bringing changes with every new event, she has ensured that our media/PR coverage is on target. She now takes on the same role for The Crescent Moon ShopSM as well.

Varun Jain, is responsible for the strategy & finance. His inputs have been fundamental in the success of Crescent Moon & to the launch of The Crescent Moon ShopSM